Peppard Lawn Tennis Club

Peppard LTC Knock Out Competition - 2017

This year, the traditional Peppard LTC annual Knock Out Tennis Tournament for Adults will be played between the 10th June 2017 and the 10th September 2017 (Finals Day). 
PLTC Knock Out Competition Rules 2017- /sites/default/files/public/PLTC%20Rules.doc
Knock Out Competition Draws:
Men's Singles - /sites/default/files/public/Men%27s%20Singles%202017.pdf
Men's Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Men%27s%20Doubles%202017.pdf
Ladies' Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Ladies%27%20Doubles%202017.pdf
Mixed Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Mixed%20Doubles%202017.pdf
Round Robin Competitions (consiting of Ladies' Singles, Veterans' Singles and Veterans' Doubles):
Round Robins - /sites/default/files/public/Round%20Robins%202017.pdf
The tornament organiser is Eamonn Maher and please contact Eamonnin the case of any queries that arise, if an interpretation of the rules is required or if there is a dispute.  Eamonn Maher's email address or just click on the link -
Information will also be made available in the Club House.
The Committee.