Peppard Lawn Tennis Club

  • Wimbledon Ballott - 2018

    Please do not forget to "opt in" for the club Wimbledon Ballott for 2018.  You have until February the 23rd 2018 to opt in.  The website address is:
    If you need to create a BTM account, the website address is:

  • Team Success - Berkshire Summer League 2017

    Congratulations to the Men's 1 and both the Mixed 1 and Mixed 2 teams that have earned themselves promotion in the LTA Berkshire Summer Leagues - well done all who contributed!  To get three teams promoted in one season is no mean achievement.

  • Peppard LTC Membership Fees From September 2017

    Please be aware of the fact that from the 1st September 2017, Membership fees are reduced by 50% from the full year prices to the 31st March 2017.  If any Members know of people that would like to join, please pass on the information or direct them to the Club website.
    The Committee.

  • Peppard LTC American Tournament - 8th October 2017

    Further to the success of the July event, a second American Tournament will be held on Sunday the 8th October 2017.  If you would like to join us, please come to the Club at about 10.00 AM on the day as it is a "roll up" event with no need to complete an entry form in advance.  The tournament will start just after 10.00 AM and a BBQ will be served at about 1.00 PM.  We expect the event to draw to a close just after lunch but that depends on the number of players and the level of competition!  We look forward to seeing you on the day.

  • Peppard LTC Knock Out Competition - 2017

    This year, the traditional Peppard LTC annual Knock Out Tennis Tournament for Adults will be played between the 10th June 2017 and the 10th September 2017 (Finals Day). 
    PLTC Knock Out Competition Rules 2017- /sites/default/files/public/PLTC%20Rules.doc
    Knock Out Competition Draws:
    Men's Singles - /sites/default/files/public/Men%27s%20Singles%202017.pdf
    Men's Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Men%27s%20Doubles%202017.pdf
    Ladies' Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Ladies%27%20Doubles%202017.pdf
    Mixed Doubles - /sites/default/files/public/Mixed%20Doubles%202017.pdf
    Round Robin Competitions (consiting of Ladies' Singles, Veterans' Singles and Veterans' Doubles):
    Round Robins - /sites/default/files/public/Round%20Robins%202017.pdf
    The tornament organiser is Eamonn Maher and please contact Eamonnin the case of any queries that arise, if an interpretation of the rules is required or if there is a dispute.  Eamonn Maher's email address or just click on the link -
    Information will also be made available in the Club House.
    The Committee.

  • If ever there was a reason to play tennis...
  • Committee Meeting - 23rd May 2017

    The next Committee Meeting will be held at 7.30 PM on Tuesday the 23rd May 2017 at the Club House.

  • Peppard LTC Open Day - Photos of the Day

    The Peppard LTC Open Day was held on Sunday the 30th April 2017.  The Committee would like to thank all members and guests who attended for an excellent turnout and a huge amount of fun.
    The day was fine if a little windy and slightly overcast and it was great to see all enjoying themselves, especially the children.  Please see the link below for photos and please contact Anthony I'Anson if you would like photos removed - it may not be your best side!

  • Dogs at the Club

    There have been a number of recent incidents of dogs being left off the lead around the club and also one incident where a dog was on a court.  A condition of our insurance cover is that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times at the Club to protect individuals and especially young Children.  A dog on a court is a serious breach of Club etiquette notwithstanding the possibility of fouling the courts.
    Any Members not complying with either of the above requirements will be asked to leave immediately, will be permanently banned from the Club with immediate effect and no subscriptions will be returned.  Please understand how important the breach of etiqutte matter is and also how serious the insurance requirement is as the Club would have all public liability cover invalidated should an incident occur.
    The Committee.

  • Membership Packs - 2017/18

    Membership packs will be left at the clubhouse for collection once the renewals or new applications are completed.  Please remember to collect the membership packs and use the shoe tags to identify yourselves as members of the club.