Men's Singles Ladder 2019

Ladder Rules:

  • The initial ladder positions are based on surnames; listed alphabetically
  • Challengers can challenge persons up to two names above on the ladder
  • If the challenger wins, positions on the ladder are exchanged
  • Please provide your own balls
  • Matches are the best of 3 sets with a 7 point tiebreak at 6 games all in each set
  • Please use the PLTC website (court) "Bookings" page to reserve a court

Please email your match results within 24 hours to:

[email protected]

The following are entered for the Peppard LTC 2019 Men's Singles Ladder:

  • James Archibald
  • Connor Cummings
  • Dominic Cusk
  • Andrew Farrow
  • James Franklin
  • Vic Fry
  • Andy Lee
  • Alf Monsen
  • Nigel Sheldon
  • Simon Thorp
  • Tom Tuite-Dalton
  • Rob Woodthorpe Brown