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As is clear from all communication from Peppard LTC, access to the Club is strictly for paid-up Members only and Guests or Visitors are not allowed under any circumstances whatsoever in order to stay in line with the Club's risk assessment and assist with measures designed to minimise the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

The Club cannot contact non-Members as we will not have their contact details should a COVID-19 case be reported to the Club where an individual has been present at the Club within the risk period. It has come to the attention of the Committee that non-Members have accessed the Club premises and the matter will be referred to the Police as breach of the statutory instrument:

"2020 No. 500 - Public Health. England - The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2020"

Coming in to force on the 13th May 2020. In addition, any Members found to be in breach of the current Club Rules will forfeit their Membership with immediate effect with no return of Membership fees already paid for the 2020 / 2021 Membership Year. It is vital that all persons associated with the Club remain "alert" to maintain infection control and notification measures.

Peppard LTC will be operational from 9.00 AM on Wednesday the 13th May 2020 in accordance with guidelines received from both Her Majesty's Government and the LTA where the main objective is "PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE".

Access to the Club is available for Members that are:

  • Not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Not in self-isolation
  • Confident that they have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days to the best of their knowledge
  • Paid up Members for the Peppard Lawn Tennis Club 2020 / 2021 Membership Year and Membership packages are available at https://peppardtennisclub.co.uk/Membership/Join and note that in line with COVID-19 guidance we will be refusing any cash or cheque handling and ask that all Membership renewals are paid either by BACS (preferred) or via Stripe on the ClubSpark system.


In order to maintain the "PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE" approach at Peppard Lawn Tennis Club the Committee asks that Members reserve a court using the Peppard LTC Court Booking system that can be found at https://peppardtennisclub.co.uk/Booking/BookByDate#?date=2020-05-12&role=guest and where use of the Court Booking system requires registration by the individual on the Peppard LTC site (if not already registered) where the Peppard LTC Registration process can be found at https://peppardtennisclub.co.uk/Account/SignUp?returnUrl=%2F.

Note that the Committee anticipates a high demand for Courts given the recent easing of restrictions and have made modifications to the Court booking system so that Members can book up to seven days in advance and over that seven day period reserve five slots where each slot will be limited to two hours. The Committee believe that this is a reasonable approach at this time and will monitor the demand pattern over the next few weeks and make appropriate adjustments as required. Finally, please be considerate and courteous to other Members and even if it just a few minutes in advance of a confirmed booking, should you wish to cancel, please cancel your booking using the ClubSpark system.

Note that in the interests of social distancing and to maintain the "PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE" approach:

  • The Club House should not be used and will remain locked at all times
  • The Lavatories and Changing Rooms should not be used and will remain locked at all times
  • The seating and furniture within the confines of the Club premises should not be used at all times
  • The middle courts on both the upper and levels of the club are not available for booking (Courts 2 and 5)
  • Please restrict arrival at the Club to 10 minutes in advance of your Court Booking and please depart the Club promptly on completion of play
  • The nets will be maintained at a tension that will be suitable for play at all times so please do not risk transfer of the virus between players by adjusting the nets

Singles play is permitted between persons that do not live in the same household where:

  • A new set of balls should be used for each match and where the balls should be removed from the club once the match is completed
  • Players must maintain ends for the duration of the match and social distancing should be observed at all times
  • Players must ensure that personal belongings are recovered before leaving the Courts

Doubles play is permitted between persons that are all members of the same household where:

  • A new set of balls should be used for each match and where the balls should be removed from the club once the match is completed
  • Players wanting to play tennis with younger household members in a three-player format is permitted
  • Players must ensure that personal belongings are recovered before leaving the Courts

Peppard LTC advises Members to play within the guidance set out above and will monitor activity at the Club. It is of course possible that Government guidance will be modified in the coming weeks with the potential for further disruption, In addition the Committee reserves the right to suspend activity at the Club should the Club's Officers decide that the guidance is not being complied with. "PLAY SAFE, STAY SAFE".

Welcome to Peppard Lawn Tennis Club. Peppard LTC is a warm and friendly tennis club situated just outside Henley-on-Thames in the village of Peppard Common that welcomes players of all ages and abilities. We are a thriving tennis club with over 300 members and with teams entered into the Berkshire Leagues.  Please see our Membership page.

We have six tennis courts that are well maintained and in excellent condition, four of which are floodlit to enable more evening play when the nights draw in.  We also have a clubhouse (built in 2014) with a kitchen and changing facilities.  Disabled access to the club house and changing facilities is available.  Please see our (court) Bookings page.

The club runs a number of regular social club sessions for general play as well as several teams competing in the local summer and winter leagues for those wanting something a little more competitive.  We have a number of coaching activities for those just starting out through to team players wanting to improve their skills. There are also a huge number of opportunities for junior coaching as well as tournaments and holiday camps.  Please see our Coaching page.

People come from all over to play tennis at Peppard LTC including Henley-On-Thames, Reading and Caversham.  To find Peppard LTC, the best post code reference is RG9 5LB.  The courts are accessible down the path to the left of the Red Lion.

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Peppard Lawn Tennis Club
Colliers Lane
Peppard Common

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